Psychology - Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements (48 credits)

Core Foundation in Psychological Science (30 credits): The following ten courses are required for all psychology majors

Course Code Course Name Credits
MATU 203 Introduction to Statistics 3
PSYU 101* Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYU 301 Scientific Writing in Behavioral and Social Sciences 3
PSYU 304 Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences 3
PSYU 320 Human Development Through the Lifespan 3
PSYU 328 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYU 333 Physiological Psychology 3
PSYU 336 Social Psychology 3
PSYU 351 History & Systems of Psychology 3
PSYU 480 Psychology Capstone 3

*May also be used to satisfy general education requirements.

The following is a list of courses recommended for psychology majors. The first 6 psychology courses taken will be counted toward the major. A grade of “C” or above must be achieved for any courses counting toward the major. All other courses on the list will count toward the elective credits for the number of units required for the degree.

Electives in Psychology (18 credits, 12 credits must be upper division)

Students may use any PSYU courses that do not duplicate core foundations courses. Students who are transferring credits from an accredited college or university may transfer in a total of 6 lower-division elective credits in psychology excluding personal development or personal adjustment courses.

Course Code Course Name Credits
PSYU 201 Critical Thinking in Psychology 3
PSYU 317 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSYU 322 Theories of Personality 3
PSYU 323 Child Development 3
PSYU 324 Adolescence 3
PSYU 398 Pediatric Neuropsychology 3
PSYU 421 Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
PSYU 428 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 3
PSYU 481 Organizational Psychology 3
PSYU 428 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 3
PSYU 437 Spirituality and Mental Health 3
PSYU 450 Introduction to Counseling 3
PSYU 455 Family Systems and Dynamics 3
PSYU 481 Organizational Psychology 3
PSYU 496 Survey of Forensic Psychology 3

The following courses are recommended for psychology majors. These courses will count as electives for the degree, but not the major

Course Code Course Name Credits
COMU 410 Organizational Communication 3
SOCU 391 Youth at Risk 3
SOCU 420 Sociology of Deviant Behavior 3

Total Credits (Baccalaureate Degree): 120

Residency Requirements

Ameritas College students must have at least sixty (60) credits in residency of which thirty (30) credits must be in the major.

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