Criminal Justice - Degree Requirements

Criminal Justice - Degree Requirements

All courses taken in the major program must be passed with a grade equivalent of “C” or higher. Courses may be used to fulfill both major and general education requirements.

Core Requirements (30 credits)

The following ten courses are required for all Criminal Justice majors.

Course Code Course Name Credits
CJCU 250* Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice 3
CJCU 380 Correctional Systems 3
CJCU 403 Police and Society 3
CJCU 465 Management in Criminal Justice Organizations 3
POSU 240 Introduction to Law 3
POSU 344 Constitutional Rights 3
SOCU 301 Social Research Design 3
SOCU 420 Sociology of Deviant Behavior 3
SOCU 450 Social and Political Theory 3
SSCU 494 Social Science Capstone Course 3

*May also be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Concentration requirement in Criminal Justice (12 credits): The following four courses are required for all Criminal Justice majors.

Concentration in Homeland Security (12 credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
CJCU 430 Applied Criminology 3
CJCU 450 Homeland Security 3
CJCU 474 Counterterrorism 3
CJCU 475 Domestic Terrorism 3

Major Electives (3 credits)

Major Electives (3 credits)

The following is a list of courses recommended for Criminal Justice majors. One course will count as an elective in the Criminal Justice major. A grade of “C” or above must be achieved for any courses counting toward the major. All other courses on the list will count toward the elective credits for the number of units required for the degree.

Course Code Course Name Credits
CJCU 405 Forensic Studies 3
CJCU 408 Crime Scene Investigation 3
CJCU 411 Gangs and Gang Behavior 3
CJCU 432 Communications and Conflict Resolution for Criminal Justice 3
CJCU 470 Public Sector Leadership and Ethics (currently tier 1 of Law Enforcement Agency Leadership Program) 3
CJCU 471 Team Leadership in Criminal Justice (currently tier 2 of Law Enforcement Agency Leadership Program) 3
PSYU 328 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYU 496 Survey of Forensic Psychology 3
SOCU 391 Youth at Risk 3

Total Credits (Baccalaureate Degree): 120

Residency Requirements

Ameritas College students must have at least sixty (60) credits in residency of which thirty (30) credits must be in the major.

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